On the Role of the Artist In Albatross

I am site specific. I am site determined.

The artists in this project must contend with the performance aspect of this space. The white rectangle is not the only arbiter of context. Where I go, who sees me, my whiteness, my maleness, my role as a Professor, my role as a performance artist, my role as a laborer at Target, my role as a couch potato, the way I misunderstand who I am, all work to shift and shape context.  In fact, the space within the plastic sleeve on the lanyard does not guarantee the work a status as art. The challenge I set up for artists is to create a piece that transcends the apparatus I have set up for the display of their work. To not rely on the walls of an established or alternative white cube to make their work automatically art.

The measure of success, in this particular regard, is measured in the how much I am asked about the performance of Albatross vs. how much I am asked about the art the gallery is showing.

I understand that an artist may also like to become visible. I will go to as many art events as I can, I will travel to a city they would like to have a show in, I will promote their project outside of my comfort zone.

Some artists will make me visible. I will gain legitimacy through the display of some artists work.

There are also artists who will want to fuck with me. To undermine my dignity or push my buttons. This is very possible because I mostly don't know what people are going to do.


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