Albatross @ TADADA call for entries

 Albatross is seeking entries for a group show at the PICA TADADA 20th anniversary party.

I will wear a lanyard for each submission I receive (please, one per artist) for the Albatross group show. This means if I receive 105 submissions I will wear 105 different lanyards around my neck for the TADADA ball.

Submissions Guidelines:

Open to ALL artists from anywhere in the world. Send me a High quality JPG that is 3"x4" or 4"x3" and I will print it out.

Mediums: Poetry, photo, text based, digital collage, your best instagram, drawing, painting, some medium you just invented that no one can handle, ect.

It must fit easily on or in the sleeve.

Please Include:

Name, Title, Medium, Price.

Send to:


If you can hand deliver the piece that would be great!

I will be at YURS 5:30pm to 10pm Tuesday and Thursday.

DEADLINE: Please have all pieces to me by midnight Thursday 5/14/2015. The earlier the better because I will need to get supplies if the response is overwhelming.


Michael Reinsch will own the physical manifestation of the piece. NOT the copyright. If, for some strange reason the piece sells. you will get 75%.

Thank you!!!!

#picatadada #picaturns20