Gallery STUPMT will be having a premier soon! What is gallery STUMPT???? A Kodak digital picture frame plugged into a rechargeable battery and placed on a stump in the forest where I live. Opening will be announced and documented however work will be only for the forest and wild animals. Not for humans.

Documentation will show the slide show of images from a distance.

What do you want to say to the forest??????!!!???

Interested? PM me!

Albatross @ TADADA call for entries

 Albatross is seeking entries for a group show at the PICA TADADA 20th anniversary party.

I will wear a lanyard for each submission I receive (please, one per artist) for the Albatross group show. This means if I receive 105 submissions I will wear 105 different lanyards around my neck for the TADADA ball.

Submissions Guidelines:

Open to ALL artists from anywhere in the world. Send me a High quality JPG that is 3"x4" or 4"x3" and I will print it out.

Mediums: Poetry, photo, text based, digital collage, your best instagram, drawing, painting, some medium you just invented that no one can handle, ect.

It must fit easily on or in the sleeve.

Please Include:

Name, Title, Medium, Price.

Send to:


If you can hand deliver the piece that would be great!

I will be at YURS 5:30pm to 10pm Tuesday and Thursday.

DEADLINE: Please have all pieces to me by midnight Thursday 5/14/2015. The earlier the better because I will need to get supplies if the response is overwhelming.


Michael Reinsch will own the physical manifestation of the piece. NOT the copyright. If, for some strange reason the piece sells. you will get 75%.

Thank you!!!!

#picatadada #picaturns20

On the Role of the Artist In Albatross

I am site specific. I am site determined.

The artists in this project must contend with the performance aspect of this space. The white rectangle is not the only arbiter of context. Where I go, who sees me, my whiteness, my maleness, my role as a Professor, my role as a performance artist, my role as a laborer at Target, my role as a couch potato, the way I misunderstand who I am, all work to shift and shape context.  In fact, the space within the plastic sleeve on the lanyard does not guarantee the work a status as art. The challenge I set up for artists is to create a piece that transcends the apparatus I have set up for the display of their work. To not rely on the walls of an established or alternative white cube to make their work automatically art.

The measure of success, in this particular regard, is measured in the how much I am asked about the performance of Albatross vs. how much I am asked about the art the gallery is showing.

I understand that an artist may also like to become visible. I will go to as many art events as I can, I will travel to a city they would like to have a show in, I will promote their project outside of my comfort zone.

Some artists will make me visible. I will gain legitimacy through the display of some artists work.

There are also artists who will want to fuck with me. To undermine my dignity or push my buttons. This is very possible because I mostly don't know what people are going to do.


Topics for the future:



Modes of distribution

ask me questions i will answer











Introduction to the Albatross Blog:

This space will have several different roles. This will be a space to let people know what is going on with the artists showing in the gallery, progress and documentation for current shows, space for reviewing some shows that the gallery attends, and finally a space for art to sometimes happen.

I think this is going to be a fun experiment and I hope you check back often.